"La Gloria"
Graphite, Charcoal & Watercolor on Paper

Xylina met Gloria while attending several folklórico workshops and performances in Arizona. Gloria is wearing a dress also referred to as "vestuario" from the State of Jalisco in Mexico. In Jalisco, woman are known for their femininity, toughness and pride. (Reference photo taken by Xylina's dear friend @ted_ruiz).

Graphite, Charcoal and Colored Pencil on Paper

Xylina came across this sweet girl on an old photo from an antique shop in Chandler, Arizona. Aside from noticing the rebozo (sash), beautiful dress and jewelry, Xylina was overwhelmed by emotions that reminded her of her grandmother. Xylina's grandmother was poor and her childhood was different; instead, she and her family were labor workers in the harsh Arizona desert where they picked strawberries, carrots, potatoes, cherries and grapes. During the summer months, Xylina's grandmother and family traveled to San Jose and Santa Clara, California where they lived in tents and picked prunes alongside other families.

Graphite, Charcoal & Colored Pencil on Paper

Xylina met Estella on an artist mission in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico to document the migrant crisis on the border. Estella traveled alone from Oaxaca, Mexico to the State of Sonora seeking asylum in the U.S. It was clear to Xylina how badly Estella had been treated because of the color of her skin. "Estella" is a reminder that it is important to feel special, beautiful and empowered to accomplish great things regardless of our circumstances. The chain link fence represents the barriers Estella would face in her journey to the U.S., and the prickly pear cactus represents the deadly Sonoran desert between Estella and the United States.

Graphite & Charcoal on Paper

This handsome young man was a migrant "crosser" who Xylina came in contact with while in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico (April of 2018) on an artist mission to document the border crisis. Although Xylina did not get to speak with this young man, his striking features, sun beat skin, and shy demeanor caught Xylina's attention; she was particularly fascinated with his confidence and charm.

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Graphite on Paper

This young man was captured while taking a break from performing his role as "Sheriff" at the Arabian Horse show in Scottsdale, Arizona. Xylina appreciated his moment of thought and reflection. The Sheriff also represents RESPECT to Xylina because she is thankful to those who put their lives before our own.

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Graphite & Charcoal on Paper 14"x17"

This young woman is from the Tarahumara tribe in Chihuahua, Mexico. The Tarahumara tribe were given the name "Tarahumara" by the Spaniards. However, it is mentioned that they in fact refer to themselves as "Rarámuri." Aside from the Tarahumara's rich culture, to Xylina this image represents perseverance, strength and distrust.

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Graphite on Paper

"Rarámuri" was in the midst of weaving a basket while sitting on a blanket laid over the ground when this image was captured. Unlike her counterpart "Tarahumara," Xylina was captivated by this young woman's beauty, a hint of confusion, and innocence toward those who were taking her picture.