My name is Xylina (pronounced Si-lina), I am a Visual Artist based in Arizona, where I was born and raised.

I am an artist inspired by the beauty, complexity, and interconnectedness of life. Through vivid color and texture, I aim to capture the divine in the everyday – whether in the glory of nature, the warmth of family, or the resilience of the human spirit.

Art has been a refuge and a revelation in my life since childhood. Growing up with limited means in a single-parent household, I found escape in crayons and coloring books. I would recreate images again and again just to keep coloring, not yet aware that I was honing a talent. With the encouragement of a perceptive teacher, I began to take my artistic inclination seriously.

Now I pour all of my passion into work that celebrates faith, nature, culture, and togetherness. I find the fingerprints of God in a forest landscape or a smiling child. There is beauty to behold if we open our eyes to the light within each person, regardless of background or circumstance.

Though life often presents challenges, my faith provides an anchor in turbulent seas. Art is a reminder that there is hope, even in dark times. The world promotes much that divides – my aim is to connect us through shared experiences and values.

I believe art can convey what words cannot. My hope is that my vibrant, textured paintings will spark an appreciation for the wonder of life and the ties that bind us together across all differences. If my work resonates with you, I would be honored to bring this uplifting vision into your home or space.